Jul 21, 2015 - 151-200, Everyday Prayers    2 Comments

Refrigerator Prayers


What’s on your fridge? Some outdated coupons?  Kid’s (or grandkids) latest artwork?  A reminder about an upcoming event?  How about making it a prayer space?

Using plain paper (or something pretty), post a list of prayer requests for you and/or your family.  Leave a space to check off when the prayer is answered.  Every time you go to open or close the refrigerator, say a quick prayer and thank God for the answers!  This is a simple way to keep prayer in the forefront for you and your family.  Celebrate together God’s goodness when a prayer is answered!

It’s also a witness to unsaved family or friends who visit and might be a great conversation starter to share answers to prayer!


  • Adena, I love this tip. I am going to include it in an article today. This is a perfect example of what I call prayer triggers. One thing I love about this tip is that it can be something that the family shares.

    • Thanks, John! I agree – its a great tool to involve the whole family! Blessings!

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