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Rock Pile Prayers

A rock mound near Mono Lake in teh Sierra Nevada area, California, USA.

I don’t know where the name came from, but heard my friend, Nick refer to a certain way of praying as “rock pile prayers.”  You know, one of those prayer meetings where one person after another is praying long, boring prayers and it feels like a pile of rocks – dry, hard, difficult.  I don’t know that the Lord intends for our prayers to feel heavy, burdensome or boring.  I would hate to describe a conversation with my husband or a friend like that.

However, I’ve found that some people do enjoy praying that way!  It isn’t dull and boring to them.  They have a grace to sustain that kind of prayer.  To those suited to it, I commend you for it!  But not all of us are made that way.

Though many prayer meetings are set on this style, the numbers who attend are often few.  Again, not because people don’t want to pray, but this form appeals to a smaller number of people.  The rest see it as the dry, heap of big stones that feels more like religious duty than a joyful relationship.

As stated in previous blogs, I love harp and bowl style prayer because I believe it makes prayer more enjoyable and accessible to a wider range of people.  However, I don’t want to negate those who really do enjoy “rock pile prayers.”

So if you are one of those rare people who enjoy this style – go for it!  But have grace for the rest of us who don’t!  We aren’t less “spiritual” because we don’t pray like you do, we just were created differently.  We can enjoy and honor our differences!

In future blogs, we will look at four different types of intercessors and their strengths and weaknesses.



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