Simple Expressions of Love

While I highly value various prayer models, I don’t want to ever underestimate the  power of simple expressions of love as prayer.  I enjoy waking up in the morning and simply saying “Jesus, I love you” and experiencing His love.  My thoughts may drift to the day and what is ahead, but then I return and just express my love again.  In Song of Solomon 4:9, it says that He, our Bridegroom,  is ravished with one look of our eyes.  It is astonishing that the God of the universe is moved by just one glance, one phrase, one moment that I turn my attention to Him!

Once I’m up and about, my expressions of love take the form of spontaneous songs of love and adoration.  Whether you can carry a tune or not, He loves to hear your voice!  The shower is a great place to practice!  He says “…let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet and your countenance is lovely.”  (Song of Solomon 2:14).

When I get in the car, again, I like to turn my gaze and simply express momentary expressions of love.  Use different parts of your routine as prompts to turn your affections on Him.

Its easy when we are feeling good to express our love for God, but I find it is even more important in those challenging moments when experiencing stress or something is done or said that disturbs our peace.  The simplest thing is to complain or get down on ourselves, but the more difficult way of turning to Him in love is always the best solution.  Use these situations as prompts to turn to Him.  Expressing love to Him in that moment will shift our focus off of our troubles and onto Jesus, the One who has a solution for every situation we face.  Many use curse words when angry or hurt physically or emotionally, instead let it press you into expressions of love for Jesus.  It may seem difficult or even impossible, but is worth the effort to train ourselves to love Him in all things.

Take a moment now and just say, “Daddy, I love you!” or “Holy Spirit, I love you!”  It moves His heart!  It matters!


  • In using our daily routine we can truly ‘pray without ceasing’

  • This is precious! I love the lifestyle of prayer…in a variety of forms! Thank you for reminding us how much our Lord desires us…and gazes upon us as beauty…

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