Simplifying Breath Prayer

Simplifying prayer

Struggling to get focused during devotions?  Try these simplifying breath prayers from

Sit comfortably and breathe deeply several times.   Then begin praying the words below from Psalm 46:10.  You can begin by breathing in as you say the lines and then breathe out your stress, concerns, or anxieties.

“Be still and know that I am God”

“Be still and know that I am”

“Be still and know”

“Be still”


In the same way try this one as you focus on God’s love and presence surrounding you:

“Abba’s love endures forever”

“Abba’s love endures”

“Abba’s love”


You can substitute your favorite name of God.

Use these prayers at the beginning of your devotion time to calm your soul before God so you can enter in more deeply.  As you drop each word(s), pause and meditate on it.  Distractions will come.  Instead of being distressed, simply refocus on Jesus.  It becomes easier as you practice and is well worth it!  Enter in!

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