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Soaking Prayer

Worn out?  Weary?  Need inspiration in your prayer life?  Try soaking prayer.  It’s not about asking for something or even declaring something.  It is a restful place to encounter God.  Find some quiet worship music.  Get comfortable – lie down, recline – whatever is relaxing for you.  Shut off your phone and computer.  Simply invite the Lord to encounter you as you rest in His presence.

It’s not uncommon for distracting thoughts to arise.  If you have a pad of paper and pen handy next to you, write down any tasks that come to mind.  This helps you put it out of your mind so you don’t worry about remembering.  Continue to focus on the presence of the Lord and enjoying Him.  If it helps you relax and focus on Him, try some simple breath prayers such as “I surrender.  Jesus, come fill me.”

Don’t worry if you happen to fall asleep.  Though our body is sleeping, our spirit is awake and continues to commune with the Lord.  “I sleep, but my heart is awake…” SOS 5:2  You will awaken doubly refreshed.

Check out the internet for Christian soaking music.  One of my favorite artists are Alberto and Kimberly Rivera.  They have a number of CDs that are perfect for soaking.

For those of us who are workaholics, soaking prayer can seem like a waste of time.  But I assure you, much happens when we wait on the Lord, resting quietly in His presence.  It may be hard at first, but as you continue, you will find it easier and more fulfilling.  Try it today!

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