Stoplight Prayers

Stoplight prayers

Have one of those days when all the stoplights are red?  It can be frustrating, particularly when we are in a hurry.  Try this breath prayer “My times are in Your hands.”  As you breathe in say verbally or silently “My times” as you picture yourself taking all your plans and schedules for the day – breathe out as you say “are in Your hands” picturing yourself placing all into Jesus’ hands trusting His time, not yours.  Do this several times and feel yourself calm down and refreshed as you focus on Him, not that next appointment you are running late to meet.  The deep breathing helps physically to lower stress and tension in your body while the prayer refreshes your spirit and focuses you back to Jesus.

Maybe you aren’t in a hurry?  Look around as you stop.  Is there someone on the sidewalk you can pray for, lifting up a simple prayer of blessing?  Is God prompting you to pray for the person in the car next to you?  Your times are in His hands!  There is a reason you are there.  Ask Him who you can pray for as you wait for the light to turn green.  A simple thing, yet it may have a significant impact for eternity!  You won’t know ‘til then – but it is fun to partner with God knowing He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him!

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