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Surrender Prayer

Have you ever tried walking backwards without looking where you are going?  Not a good idea…unless you have someone you trust leading you.  Most of us feel like we have to be able to see where we are going and what’s ahead.  However, in the Christian life, surrendering our control is one of the biggest hurdles to finding true freedom in Christ.  It’s when we let go of our ways, our plans and our desires that He is able to work through us His best good for our lives.

During this Christmas season, I’ve been pondering Mary’s response to the angel when he announced a major shift in her life.  Instead of trying to figure it all out or arguing, she simply replied, “Be it unto me according to Your word.” (Luke 1:38)   This is one of the greatest declarations of surrender.  Recently I’ve been using it as a breath prayer – as you breathe in say, “Be it unto me” opening yourself up for God to work.  Then breathe out “according to Your Word.”  Consider all the promises of His Word to you personally and through Scripture.  What is He wanting to do in your life today?  Do you trust Him fully for your tomorrow?  What if it doesn’t look anything like you thought or had planned?  Are you willing to surrender fully your right to try to control your circumstances?  These are the questions I’m asking myself.

Surrendering isn’t just about saying the sinner’s prayer when you accepted Christ, but daily, sometimes moment by moment, laying down your own ways to follow Him.  Sometimes it can seem difficult or even impossible at times, but in the end, this is where true life in Christ is found, in simply letting go and finding ourselves held in the hands of the One who holds the universe.  There’s no safer place.  Be it unto me according to Your Word.


  • Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks so much for doing what Jesus said, this blog is a blessing!! Wow the questions are really killer! Thanks

  • This blog has found me at a time when I was feeling a tremendous drought in my prayer life. This blog is truly an answer to my prayers. It has truly refreshed my prayers, and I have really enjoyed the idea of approaching my prayers in a variety of ways. I love the breathe prayers especially. It puts me in mind of how I try to be continually reminded of Gods goodness and offer prayers of gratitude by saying the word “thank” as I take a step with my left foot and the word “you” as I take a step with my right foot, at various times during the day. God bless you for obeying the spirit and I pray that this blog continues to grow and God receives all glory and honor through every offered prayer.

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