The Circle Maker

circle maker

There is an ancient story told of Honi, a Jewish man, who in a time of drought drew a circle in the sand and refused to leave it, praying day and night, until God sent rain.  It represents desperate and persistent type prayers that don’t give up.  I admit I don’t always have that kind of consistency and desperateness to my prayers.  At times, we can give up too soon, figuring that we let God know the need and we just wait around for Him to do something.  Yet it is the partnership that He loves, that we ask and keep asking and knocking until He opens that door, believing in His promises.

I recently finished the book “The Circle Maker” where Pastor Mark Batterson recounts the Honi story and shares his own experiences as a “circle maker.”  I was inspired and encouraged to “draw circles” in prayer around the promises of God and to contend, believing God to answer, maybe not always the way we expect, but in the way of His choosing.  Bold prayers honor God.  He is bigger than we can imagine and has greater dreams for us than we believe.  If you’d like to take your prayers to the next level, I encourage you to get this book and have the courage to pray bold prayers.  You can get more information on the book, by going to:

If you live in the Roseville, Ca area and are interested in joining a women’s group studying this concept, see below:

Circle Maker Book and Bible Study and Video Series

At Courtney Guild’s Home – Limited to the first 15 Women.  Starts Monday, Sept 16th at   6:30pm to 8pm to the end of October.  To Join, you will need to purchase your own Circle Maker’s book by Mark Batterson and Participants Guide.  Read first 4 chapters before first meeting, if possible.  Please email by Sept 13th if you want to join us. Thanks.

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