Treasure Hunt Prayers



Are you brave?  Looking for an adventure?  Try treasure hunt prayers.

1.  You are on an adventure to find people to pray for (His treasure)

2.  Spend some quiet time asking Him to give you a picture of a certain item, thing, or circumstance as your “clue”.  Write them down on a piece of paper or your journal.

3.  Go to a public place as God leads you, looking for those items.  It might be a person wearing a green shirt, a guy with a Giants cap on, a woman with a Coach purse or whatever (you get the picture).

4.  When you identify your “treasure”, as God how to approach them and to give you favor.  Try not to be too weird or scary, but let God lead in what you say and then off to pray for them.  People are used to things like scavenger hunts.  Be natural and Spirit-led.

5. Pray out loud for them if possible.  If not, be encouraging and pray quietly.

This is a great activity to do as a group of 2-3 or a larger group that goes by twos and then comes back to share the “treasure” stories.

Are you shy?  Is this too far out of your comfort zone?  You can still do it, but don’t approach the person.  Stand off to one side and ask God to show you how to pray for them.  you might not have a great story to tell or know the results until Heaven, but you are still partnering with God in an adventure, praying for His “treasure”.

Go on an adventure today!


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