Types of Intercessors and Corporate Prayer

Why does it matter what type of intercessor you are?  It can make a big difference when we come together to pray corporately.  If you are a list intercessor, you’re interested in an organized prayer meeting that is focused and “gets something accomplished.”  A warrior intercessor feels best when finishing a prayer meeting with great passion and zeal.  If a watchman intercessor doesn’t feel heard, he may not come back next time.  If there isn’t worship, the priestly intercessor may leave feeling dry.

One of the reasons I believe our prayer meetings tend to be poorly attended is that we often focus on only one style of intercession.  Many others may want to pray, but when they come they don’t connect, feel heard, or find what fills them up.  If we want increased participation in corporate prayer settings, we need to consider the different types.

While we won’t be able to satisfy every need every time, we can do some things to accommodate more styles of prayer.  If you don’t already, consider adding a time of worship.  Having a focus will encourage list pray-ers who feel chaotic when there’s no direction.  Is there time given for prophetic expression?  Does the service have some passion in it?

People will come to prayer meetings where there is life, where they feel they can connect with God and with others.  Think about the prayer meetings you are a part of.  Ask God what can be done to increase participation and ways to incorporate different styles of prayer.  You just might be surprised at the results!

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