Types of Intercessors, Part 3 (List Intercessors)

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This type of intercessor loves to pray lists!  Give them names!  Give them causes!  They thrive on order and when in a group prayer setting are great at keeping things focused.

Pastor Francis’ mother was a list intercessor who prayed 4-5 hours a day.  Her list became so long, she had to alternate days, one day praying for the lost, the next day praying for family and those already saved who had requests.  It is a testament to her prayers that all her children are serving the Lord today.

You might not pray that long every day, but if you are a list intercessor you appreciate order and like to be organized in your prayers.  You function best when you can follow your list and feel a sense of accomplishment when you are done.  You might be frustrated in a prayer group where things are chaotic, everyone praying whatever direction they feel “led.”

The challenge for the list intercessor is that they can become so task oriented as to miss out on the relational side of prayer, both personal and corporate.  Praying is more about a conversation with God who loves and enjoys us then a task to be accomplished.  We need list intercessors and their administrative gifts!  However, there’s a time to rest in God’s presence and just enjoy conversation, tossing the list aside (at least for a few minutes!).  Learning to flow with the Spirit AND get through a list is a great accomplishment, but not impossible.

As with all the types, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each help us flow better in a group setting.  We can recognize the list intercessors need for order and learn the benefits of praying through a (Spirit-led) list while not falling into the trap of a passionless agenda.

Next week we will look at the priestly intercessor.

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