Types of Intercessors, Part 4 (Priestly Intercessors)

For many years, I didn’t think I was really an intercessor.  Worship is my passion.  I enjoy prayer when not worshipping.  I didn’t fit into the intercessor stereotype of praying long, passionate prayers.  However, I came to understand that just as the high priest would minister to the Lord and carry on his heart intercession for Israel, so the priestly intercessor worships the Lord while carrying intercession on their heart.

It looks much different from the list intercessor who needs to go through the list and pray for each item and finds pleasure in doing so.   The priestly intercessor simply worships God while carrying on their heart intercession.  They may lift up a name or two in prayer from time to time as led to do so, but the main focus is ministry to the Lord.  This understanding freed me to be who God called me to be without guilt that I didn’t go through a “list” and pray lengthy prayers.  A song arises continually from my heart in worship and I trust God to pray through me what is on His heart as I praise Him.

The weaknesses for a priestly intercessor is they may carry burdens too heavily or not engage in “battle” when it is time to do so.  They are content to sit at Jesus’ feet in adoration, but there is a time to go to war.

We need each type of intercessor in the body of Christ.   We need to understand one another and honor each others strengths while having patience with our weaknesses.  What type of intercessor are you?  You might be a combination of one or two or might even flow in all types at one time or another.  Next week we will look at how the types of intercessors flow together in corporate prayer.



  • This article speaks to my heart I’ve been feeling guilty cause I’m not praying like everyone else. Thanks you

    • I’m so glad! We’ve found this teaching very freeing for many people! Blessings!

  • Thanks, I’m very glad to know I’m a combo of “”watchman & list intercessor, I’ve never been taught this before!

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