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Wonder Prayer

Ever take some time to just wonder at the amazing God we pray to?   While Christmas is a good time to consider, ponder, and be in awe of all that God did for us through Jesus, often we become jaded to the wonder of Christ and His incarnation in the midst of shopping, parties and presents.

Sometimes seeing things in a new light helps change perspective.  Take the fractal for instance.   Here’s one explanation:

“Relative to science, fractals are essentially geometric shapes or forms that are represented in natural objects, from a fern leaf or tree, to a spider web or snowflake, to larger phenomena such as clouds, hurricanes, or even galaxies in space.  The discovery of fractals allowed for defining irregular shapes which could not be defined, or represented before by mathematics.  One could define (or model mathematically) a square, rectangle, triangle etc, but one could not define or model the irregular shape of a cloud formation, or tree outline, or coastline.

One very common shape or form, found in both fractals & throughout nature, is the spiral.  This is one of the most common forms represented in the fractals one sees frequently on the internet, and this mathematical shape is pervasive throughout nature as well.  Is there a connection between the mathematics and science and creation?  Fractals have been called the “Thumbprint of God”, and perhaps they are!”  (

Take a look at these fractals and wonder at the majesty, beauty and infiniteness of the “thumbprint of God”:  (If you don’t like the music, mute it)

As you watch, think about the infinite God who is the same and yet ever surprising with new variety that goes on and on and is never boring.

Or consider this.  Did you know that sound creates geometric shapes?  Check out these clips about cymatics:

Wonder prayer – take a moment and wonder at how great is our God, the One who is infinitely complex beyond our imagination and yet stooped to take our nature and become one with us.  God with us.  Wonder anew.

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